10,000 Puck Challenge

Welcome to the 10,000 Puck Challenge!

Dan Kuba had the idea to host a 10,000 puck challenge this summer, but since all of our players are stuck at home (and surely bouncing off of the walls), what better time to start!

Make us proud Vipers, start the challenge, become one of the Elite Snipers of our club!!!


  1. Once you accept the challenge, start taking your shots and keep track! Tag a friend, share the post and challenge your teammates and friends to join the Viper 10,000 puck challenge!
  2. Keep track of your shots. Be honest! Be honest with yourself and your challenger!!!
  3. Achieve the goal by the beginning of next year’s regular season, or by the end of the quarantine, you select and decide your pace!!!
  4. Post your achievements, post pics, tag the Capital City Vipers Youth Hockey Club, tag your friend or teammate that challenged you! Share your accomplishments! Be proud of the work you put in!!!

A Few Suggestions

  • Get 20 pucks and shoot 5 sets/day.
  • Have a designated area to shoot.
  • Plan ahead for days you can’t shoot.
  • Set up your shooting area with a net or tarp with targets in the corners.
  • Get a smooth surface from which to shoot. Lowes has 4x8 sheets of wall covering for around $20 that will work well.
  • Work on all types of shots: wrist, snap, slap, backhand, top corner, 5 hole, bottom corner. Practice your quick release.
  • Practice your weaker shots until they are no longer a weakness. DON’T FORGET YOUR BACKHAND!
  • Don’t just shoot pucks. Remember, practicing just to practice doesn’t necessarily make you better. Challenge yourself.
    • Make up games. See if you can get 10 of 20 shots through a target. Can you hit a post 25% of the time? The crossbar?
    • Practice hard. Practice smart.
  • Good luck!!!!!

What do you Win?

  • Respect
  • Your name on this page!
  • The feeling of accomplishing a challenge from your teammate!


Challenge Winners

Teagan Flod
Nia Shill
Natalie Buffington
Eli Barnes
Jacob Yost
Orion Rigby
Caden Ritter
Duncan Little
Christian Blood
Justice "JJ" Kuba

your name here!!!