Mites Program for 8 and Under

The Capital City Vipers are proud to offer the most advanced Mite skill development program in Central Pennsylvania. We offer 8U Mite hockey at varying levels from beginner teams to limited travel teams to full travel teams competing in the Delaware Valley Hockey League.

Our 8U Mite program offers age-appropriate skating and stick skills on multiple ice surfaces, Viper mites practice on a 1/3rd-size rink that we affectionally call "The Puddle" as well as participate in group practices that use 1/3 sheet of ice.  The variety of ice surface opportunities offered, coupled with small and large nets are the perfect size for developing critical skills spatial awareness while building compete level.

All practices and clinics are station-based with an extremely high number of repetitions with little or no waiting. In addition to skills stations, practices also include small-area games allowing players to learn to make decisions in a game-like environment allowing them to build Hockey IQ and confidence with skating and stick-handling.


Recreational and Limited Travel

The Mite 8U Recreational and Limited Travel program is great for players that know how to ice skate, have some basic hockey skills and are feel ready to join a team to take their hockey skills to the next level. Recreational and limited travel teams play roughly 16 games.

Full Travel

The Mite 8U Full travel program is an opportunity for more advanced players to play in a more competitive environment playing in the Delaware Valley Hockey League. Travel teams play at least 20 games.

Both programs include:

  • 45 Practices
    • Full-ice ADM skill clinics
    • Puddle and Third-ice Practices
  • 5 Goalie clinics (all players interested in goaltending welcome, we provide equipment)
  • Skating and Hockey Skills Clinics
  • Pre-season training camp where the players can immerse themselves in hockey while building relationships with their teammates

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