Capital City Vipers Sponsorship Program

Thanks for your interest in the Capital City Vipers Player Sponsorship Program. As a non-profit, community-based organization, our mission is to aid in the development of youth through the amazing sport of hockey. Hockey is a great sport with many life lessons, but is also an expensive sport.

The generous support of sponsors can allow players that otherwise may not afford to do so to follow through with their passion for hockey. We are forever grateful for any support our sponsors can provide.

What is the Sponsorship Program?

This sponsorship program allows businesses or individuals to donate funds that go directly toward helping a child pay for hockey. This sponsorship may be for a particular player or may be placed in our the Vipers Scholarship Fund.

Benefits of Being a Sponsor

  • 95% of your sponsorship goes towards the player’s season fees
  • All Sponsors will be highlighted on our website
  • The Vipers focus on player development first and believe personal character development is just as important as a players skill development. Your sponsorship helps develop our community's youth into tomorrow’s leaders!
  • Tax Benefit – The Capital City Vipers are a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, Tax ID # 81-0550218

What is the Vipers Scholarship Fund?

The Vipers Scholarship Fund is a general fund that can be applied to players in need. The Scholarship Fund committee discretely reviews applications and grants money to those in need based on financial need and other criteria.

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How to Become a Sponsor

  1. Visit our Sponsorship Donation Page
  2. If sponsoring a particular player, indicate the player in the Sponsored Player field on the donation form

About the Vipers

Established in 1993, The Capital City Vipers is a non-profit youth hockey organization that plays in the Delaware Valley Hockey League in Central Pennsylvania.  The Vipers offer a variety of programs for boys and girls ages 4-18. We have options for all levels of players - from beginners to advanced players, from multi-sport to all-in hockey players, and for those looking to travel to complete at higher levels or for those looking to play close to home.